How to apply

  • Before submitting your documents to the Russian Visa Application Centre please make sure that you have chosen the correct type of the visa. Please control it based on your reason and goal of the trip. In order to check existing visa types, please click on ‘Types of Visas’. We will be happy to answer your question concerning the chosen visa type but, unfortunately, we will not be able to suggest you which visa category will suit your case more. Please remember that Russian Visa Application Centre is a service provider for visa obtaining. All decisions for visa issue or its refusal are taken only by the Consular Section of the The Embassy of the Russian federation. The Consular section is authorized to refuse to issue any visa without explaining the reasons. Please remember that Russian Visa Centre is not able to influence any decisions taken by the Consular Section.
  • After the visa type has been chosen please complete your visa application online via the website It is obligatory to fill in the application form online, print it, glue your photo on it (please control Photo Specifications first) and sign it. Please note that handwritten forms will not be accepted at the Russian Visa Application Centre. In case if you face any difficulties with filling in the form, you can use our additional service of Form filling. Our employees will be able to fill in the application form for you. Please note that the additional extra price will be charged. For more information about extra services provided at the Visa Centre please click Here.
  • Besides application form, please collect all other required documents which you can find under the section «Types of Visa». Please note that Visa Centre employees as well as the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Russian Federation is allowed to request any other documents which could be required in a specific cases.